MeTA Inc.


make people happy by development


We develop iOS apps, Android apps, Web systems, in-house systems. We can replace your infrastructure to cloud web services.

iOS App Development

We can develop any kinds of apps like photos, messaging, BLE connected apps.

Web Development

We use Ruby, Elixir, Golang and run them on AWS. We can make serverless systems with AWS. We can reduce your infrastructure cost with AWS serveless architecture (Lambda, DynamoDB, SimpleDB, API Gateway, S3, CloudFront, .etc)

Our Apps

We are running some services and apps by ourselves.
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our apps


Traveler's Chat

iOS Messaging app for travelers. Travelers can make friends.

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Awesome lists with stars count

You can see awesome lists with GitHub stars count.

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Bucket List Maker

You can manage and share your awesome bucket list.

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Keita Arai

CEO, Engineer

My vision is to make people happy by developing systems and services. Especially I want to connect people, I believe it will get the world better.
I have been developing web systems with Ruby on Rails since 2004, iOS apps since 2011, web systems with Phoenix since 2016. I'm good at making backend systems without servers using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB etc.
Personally, I like traveling, riding a motorbike, and cooking. I like to hear people's stories and to share my stories.